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My homeland is Kazakhstan

My homeland is Kazakhstan
Homeland is a place where a person was born, knew himself.
Everyone is proud and loves their homeland. My homeland is Kazakhstan.
And the population of it is about 18 millions people, of whom more than a hundred are representatives of a different nationality. And all these people live as a single family under one cover. Everyone has a good relationships.
All of them help each other and get along well,since Kazakhstan began to develop as a free, independent state. The government and the people of the republic made a lot of efforts to make Kazakhstan rich, stable, and democratic.
All of Kazakhstan’s riches are oil, gas, minerals, metals, gold. And of course, the most important wealth is our nature, which is indescribably beautiful and glorifies Kazakhstan. Nowadays, young people are very active and develop in different areas, they have been building plans since childhood and think how to help the country's development . That’s why its development continues to growth at a fast pace, its economy is improving, people's living standards are being strengthened, faith in the future is strengthening. Thanks to all this, we have achieved very good results and have the opportunity to live in a peaceful and safe country. So, based on above arguments I can surely make conclusion that,
Kazakhstan is country of opportunities, prosperity and future and we are young and confident generation, having all of these golden possibilities do everything for development of it!
Bazarbai Zhanerke